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  • Nest Forms continues to grow

    With more than a thousand downloads and new features added, Nest Forms enjoys continued success!
    Nest Forms continues to grow
  • Collins McNicholas Website

    We have worked with Collins McNicholas on a number of projects, but this was something new. A new style of website with a focus on mobile usability and a fresh look, this was some time in the making, but we all love the results
    Collins McNicholas Website
  • Avant Garde Website

    Based in the M1 Retail Park in Drogheda, Avant Garde Make Up Academy & Studio provide an innovative and exciting service. We think the site looks pretty good too!
    Avant Garde Website
  • Cloud server move

    We are removing our non cloud based servers from operation, click More Information below to read more and how this affects you.
    Cloud server move
  • You Recruit App

    The You Recruit app, a smart App at a fraction of the price

Software as a Service

You Recruit

In 2003 Nest Design built You Recruit. This system helps recruitment agencies manage the extensive administration of Job advertising. The importance of efficiency, security, lucidity, reliability and ease of use has been the key to our success.

You Recruit assists your world of work, thereby increasing efficiency and profit of recruitment agencies as a result. You Recruit Job Portal enables recruitment users in: Posting individual jobs to multiple sites Review all of your jobs and the sites they have been posted to Allow recruiters more time to recruit.

You Recruit enables a client to upload the details of one job and then simply select what websites that job is to be sent to. This is a huge time saver, as this action only has to be carried out once. Job Boards are consistently updating their sites with new categories, subcategories and functional changes. We provide maintenance and management on behalf of you within an Annual Subscription.

For more information go to www.yourecruit.com


Cveye video interviewing

cveye is a video presentation service of job candidates by way of a webcam interview or by an on camera interview in house. This is a simple and easy process which helps to increase the candidates potential
in front of a prospective client.

The candidate has the opportunity to convey the best of their personality and professionalism, as well as their communication skills.The resulting video can be viewed by the employer within a matter of minutes.

We can help you with the initial set-up, installation and we provide training for users of the system. cveye provides a complete solution as a step by step guide on how to integrate video CV’s into your recruitment process.

Also, cveye offers sample scripts and example questions to ask your job candidates including a help menu.

For more information go to www.cveye.com