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We are retiring two of the old servers from September 2014

This notice affects your website hosting, please take time to read the following

08 August 2014

Dear clients.

We are retiring two of our older servers from September 2014
We began a migration of all existing client websites to an updated hosting infrastructure within the Amazon Elastic cloud Services last year.

We are coming to the end of this process now and accordingly we will shut down the obsolete servers in the first week of September 2014.
The new service does not support email, so all existing email accounts will be transferred to a new provider and all hosting accounts transferred to the cloud servers during August.

** Important: Accounts in Arrears

If your account is in arrears, we will not migrate your site to our new cloud services.
You will need to procure an alternative provider before the 31st August 2014.

If this applies to you, please bring your account up to date.
We will then provide a backup of your website so that you can transfer your site data to another provider. You should start this process immediately as the servers currently hosting your services will be shut down in September and all current accounts and associated data not transferred will be permanently deleted by the hosting company.

We will issue one further update on this matter later this month, please act now if you are affected.